Melancon Pharmacy is happy to provide specialty compounding services to our customers. We are a member of Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), and have been offering compounding services for more than 25 years. Our staff has been trained in compounding techniques and services at the nationally recognized PCCA headquarters in Houston, Texas.
Prescription compounding is useful in many ways, and often provides comfortable alternatives in medication administration for the patient who may not be able to tolerate medications in the traditional delivery of oral medications. Veterinary compounding is also available and allows pet owners to safely and effectively administer medication to their animals in a more convenient manner. Some of the alternatives of medication administration offered in specialty compounding include:
Transdermal Administration: (topical administration of drug therapy through the skin) This administration is especially useful in a patient who cannot tolerate oral meds because of inability to swallow or gastric upset issues.
Oral Lollipops:  Usually formulated with a local anesthetic. Useful for conditions such as sore throat and recovery from tonsillectomy.
Rectal Suppositories: An alternative delivery method especially for the patient who cannot tolerate medications orally. We can compound those medications not already available in suppository form.
Oral Medications not Commercially Available: There are times when a patient may require a strength of a medication that is not currently produced in the marketplace. Pharmaceutical compounding enables the pharmacist to work with your physician to compound these formulations and make them available.
Flavoring Agents: We can flavor liquid pediatric medications (and adult meds, too) that may otherwise be difficult to administer to this patient population.
Our pharmacists are eager to work with your physician in securing a compounding order to ease medication administration when and if the need arises. Our goal is to assist caregivers and patients in finding the most effective method of administering necessary medications.
In addition to those above, popular compound medications are available for many treatment areas, including bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, hospice, dental, otic (for the ear), dermatology, chronic pain management, neuropathies, sports medicine, infertility, wound therapy, podiatry and gastroenterology.